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How To Buy Porcelain Tile Online The Smart Way

porcelain tile floor

porcelain tile floor

Tiles are hardy flooring materials and can last for years! Caring for them is simple, and they’re perfect for high traffic areas or spaces where spills and accidents often happen. Many homeowners are choosing to purchase porcelain tiles online, and with good reason. You have a much better selection, great deals, and of course, less anxiety when it comes down to the purchasing process.

Not everyone knows how to buy porcelain tile online, so below are some great hints and tips for the novice buyer:

Start by setting a budget for your project. It’s not easy to do this, but you should at least give yourself an idea of what you can reasonably spend on your new flooring. When it comes to tiles, remember that you will need to purchase tools as well as grout to install them. These are all extras that should be considered in your budget.

The next step after the budget is to establish the amount of tiles you will need to complete your project. One way to do this is by calculating the area you will need to tile, and then, looking at the size of the tiles available. By doing some simple math, you can calculate quite easily the number of tiles you will need to complete your project.

It’s best to use square shaped tiles as they leave little room for error during the installation process. Small tiles work great on walls and are the perfect solution to backsplashes, but for flooring, you will need larger tiles. Some homeowners may want to go exotic, and there are tiles of different shapes such as octagonal, but those are much harder to install due to the nature of their shape.

Porcelain tiles come in different designs, so it makes sense to choose ones that match the theme of your space well. Though white tiles are always a classic choice, they may be a bit harder to clean and the moment they get dirty, it can be way too obvious. However, there are a large number of tiles that have the look and feel of natural stone, so for a modern or luxurious look, they are the perfect option.

When you buy porcelain tile online, it’s important to make sure that the company of your choice has enough of the design in stock to finish your project. Sometimes, you may come across closeout sales, but those also have the downside of only having a set number of tiles in stock and they are no longer being manufactured. This is something you’d be wise to take into consideration before looking to place your order.

Lastly, quality control and a satisfaction guarantee should be offered by most companies. Of course, if your chosen company doesn’t offer either of those things, it may be time to shop somewhere else. Though tiles are fairly hard to break, things can go wrong during the manufacturing process, landing you with tile that will not last the years.