Hired Swat Wildlife For Wildlife Removal In My Home

Squirrel In Yard

I was in my bedroom the other day which is in the upstairs of my home. The attic is above it and it isn’t easily accessible by us. We have to get a ladder to climb up to it. Needless to say we never use it as other people use their attics. I heard something moving around in the attic and I was a little surprised at first about the noises I was hearing. I didn’t think there was a way for anything to get into the attic. Since it was a small hole that I would need to look in to see what it was, and I didn’t want to get attacked by anything, I started looking for a company that specializes in wildlife removal. I wasn’t sure what kind of wildlife it was, but I was sure they would be able to tell me.

I searched around online for wildlife removal companies in my city. I found a few different places and after looking at the reviews I could find I decided to call Swat Wildlife. I read many great things about them and how good they were to hire for any type of wildlife removal. I called them to see if I could make arrangements for them to come over. I let them know I wasn’t sure what kind of animal it was up there, but I needed to get rid of it. Whatever it was, was making lots of noise. They said they could come over in about 20 minutes if I would be around. While I was waiting on them, I decided to go ahead and get the things they would need to get into the attic. I carried the ladder up and

removed the piece of drop ceiling where the attic access door was located. The whole time I could hear whatever animal it was up there moving around.

Swat Wildlife arrived in the time frame they stated they would. I led them to the access door and they could hear the noise too. They said it probably wasn’t bats because they move around mostly at night. They got up there and saw a squirrel in the corner of the attic. They said there was more than one of them and they would need to get some of their supplies and traps so they could catch these animals and remove them from my home.

I didn’t want them to hurt the squirrels even though they were a nuisance to me. I have always loved squirrels and I asked them what they do to get rid of them. They told me they don’t hurt them and told me they trap them and let them go elsewhere.

That same day, they were able to trap the squirrels and remove them from my home. I haven’t had any other issues with them and I’m glad that Swat Wildlife Company was able to catch them so quickly and get them out of my home.